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Roll for Shoelaces is a micro-RPG single-session one-shot game system based on the very light Roll for Shoes system, designed to allow pretty much any sized group* of players, with zero-to-oodles of experience with tabletop RPGs, almost no bookkeeping,  and absolutely no prior preparation, to rock up and spent an evening contributing to a madcap story that'll stay with you for at least minutes after it's over, maybe more. 

Now available as a two-page pdf! (It's got three pages, but only two of them are required to play!) 

Roll for Shoelaces streamlines the fundamentals, balances the books, and introduces into the system a process for creating the world, party and threat. This simple 13-step process (all the best processes have 13 steps, everyone knows that) acts as both an introduction to the system and the first major chunk of collaborative storytelling, as players and the LM (Lacemaster) weave the plot from the very nothingness of creation. 

As with the original RfS, you just need a piece of paper, a pencil and a bunch of regular d6 dice. Maybe beer. 

Recommended for LMs with enough experience they feel comfortable pulling ideas out their ass, but with no time or inclination to actually do any prep work. 

Warning: Will promote zaniness, anarchy and absurdity. Embrace it and move on, it's just one night for Pete's sake. 

Further warning: Step 13 contains mild maths. Do not despair, it only happens once and it's over before you know it. If you want help, the LM is on hand to Do The Arithmetic. All praise be to the LM. 

*Even supports two people, if the LM also plays a character!

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You did a great job on expanding and clarifying R4S rules, especially on the Lace Master part!

Thanks so much! 

I've actually had a new version of this on the back burner for ages. Might finally get around to updating it! Trying to streamline the rules back down a bit, to focus on the fun. 

I'll keep the current version up though, for people who prefer it to the new. 

Happy new year!